"Cinema & Canvas" by Rick Carter

Featuring: Rick Carter

Curated by: Jim Carter

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"Cinema & Canvas" is a journey of time and place through the mind of Rick Carter. The two time Academy Award winner, explores his subconscious and past experiences in series of cinematic collages and personal portraits spanning over 50 years. Each cinematic collage is a journey to the creative process that Rick practiced in his filmmaking, creating conceptual artworks to inspire his "world building" and dialogue entering each film. From watercolor photographs or original sets like the Forrest Gump house to digital collages made on the first version of Adobe Photoshop, Rick has spent decades mastering and questioning the philosophy of story through the visual medium. His personal portraits, from his series "People in Mind" depict the eyes and faces of the people he encountered literally or figuratively as he travelled around the world from 1970 to the early 2000's. In its' entirety, "Cinema & Canvas" is a historic archive and era of thought, storytelling, and artistry that has shaped the Artist himself and millions who have entered his worlds.