David Hockney Portraits by Jim McHugh

Parallel to Jim McHugh's career photographing the world's most iconic cities, Jim has spent decades, photographing portraits of celebrities and the fine art industry's leading Artists. Jim's work for Architectural Digest and the Grammy's quickly established him as one of the leading portrait photographers in the world. Jim has spent decades creating incredible working relationships with other Artists who have defined culture and fine art: David Hockney, Andy Warhol, Helen Lundeberg, and Mike Kelley to name a few. A selection of Jim's Portraits titled "40 Artists" was featured in an exhibition by the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California.

A fortuitous phone call to David Hockney, arguably the greatest living Artist of his generation, one afternoon has led to a friendship spanning over 40 years between Jim and David. From studio visits in Los Angeles to his Pembroke Studios in England, Jim has captured moments that will forever tell the story of the greatest living painter of this era. 


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