David Cavazos "Big Sleeps"

The name Big Sleeps is now at the apex of the lettering movement, which in recent years has gained vast popularity around the world. With his unique and influential signature hand styles, David Cavazos also known as "Big Sleeps" has travelled the world to exhibit his art. But long before this, as a juvenile, he was surrounded by the allure of gangs and drugs. Soon enough he was immersed in this turbulent world, which ultimately led him down a dark path. He has been shot multiple times, has lost many friends to death or imprisonment, and personally, spent a majority of his youth in Juvenile Hall, Youth Authority and State Prison.

One thing that he did during this time was write letters. These letters were not meant to be artistic in anyway, but they were used to mark the territory of the gang he belonged to. Throughout the years, Big Sleeps honed this style of lettering, unbeknownst to him that it would help him to overcome the clutches of the deadly lifestyle he had once fully embraced. With little hope of creating a future for himself, due to all that he had endured in his life, along with the stigmas of societal judgement, he was at at crossroads. Big Sleeps chose the high road. Against all odds, he transformed his life into one of hope and redemption. Utilizing the letters he wrote as a child to once glorify his gang, he began to use those same letters to influence a new generation of both aspiring and established artists. 

Big Sleeps has displayed his artwork in major gallery and museum exhibitions locally in Los Angeles at "Scratch" in the El Segundo Museum of Art and his permanent Mural at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. He has held exhibitions in Japan’s HHH gallery as well as a group exhibition at the LA Louver and the Getty. His lettering has been featured in various books and magazines most notably, "Liber Amicorum" which is in the Getty Research Institute's Special Collections. Big Sleeps has collaborated with major brands such as Hurley, Nike, Adidas, Diamond Supply Co. The list of achievements goes on, but most importantly to him is the lettering and drawing workshops that he does for the youth. This enables him to give back to the community he came from while being a symbol of both hope and inspiration to the next generation.

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