Buster Duque


Buster Duque is a contemporary muralist, graffiti artist, and painter based in Mexico City, Mexico. Known for his unique lettering styles, colors, and free hand mastery, he is leading a lettering movement across Mexico and California. Proud of his Mexican heritage, he has championed underrepresented street culture for the past 20 years and most notionally as the founder of Wild Street, a street culture apparel for the real street writers and muralists of the world. From his continued success as a global tattoo Artist and muralist, he has been sought after for international campaigns with brands and Artists like Kraken, God’s of Ink, and Mexican rapper Aleman. Having hosted several exhibitions in Mexico City, Buster continues to grow as an Artist with incredible social media reach garnering close to 600,000 followers and millions of views on his mural video channels. As a contemporary painter, he has spent decades crafting original letter forms seen on canvas for private collectors in Mexico, the United States and Europe.

Buster is known for his creation of the "Lettering Malandro" an urban lettering style seen on canvas and murals around the world. Pictured below is an original painting in gold frame from his CDMX studio as well as the accompanying mural.

- Buster Duque Instagram 


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