Diaa Allam

Diaa Allam is a contemporary painter known for his expert calligraphy both on the canvas and in murals around the world. Diaa Allam is Egyptian with an Emirati Spirit. Born in the United Arab Emirates, he has established himself as the top calligrapher and live art performer in the region. Diaa Allam’s background in urban planning and landscape architecture gives him an ability to see space and design with a perspective few have. His artwork is an exploration of Arabic Calligraphy, contemporary modern art and his passion for culture.

Diaa Allam was the curator of Ajman Murals Project, winner of Al Dar Arabic Calligraphy Art Competition, and has had several solo exhibitions in the UAE at the prestigious La Meridian Al Aqqah and Fujairah Fine Arts Society. As a muralist he has participated in a project with the Guinness book of world records and has several murals across the world including in Bahrain, with New York University, and for the Crown Prince Council of Abu Dhabi. 


As the founder of Naht Designs, Diaa Allam has been responsible for creating one of a kind installations for businesses around the world, with collaborations for google, the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai, and TEDX.

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