"From the HeArt" by Aiseborn

The Museum of African American Art Los Angeles

Exhibition Dates: September 15, 2023 until September 30, 2023

Artist & Curator | Jacori Perry "Aiseborn"

Exhibition Producers | Keasha Dumas Heath (MAAALA) & Jim Carter (LWM)

Location | Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza 3650 Martin Luther King Blvd. Suite 283

Artist Statement:  

We are nothing or We are something, We are dirt or the diamond surrounded by the dirt. Does one think they work any harder than the next, and by working harder assume they will be better than the next. How much does one want to inflate the ego, and how often is the ego confused with sheer confidence by ones perception. In so many ways these things can all just be based on perceptions. Through this collection of paintings I strived to work past these thoughts and questions by focusing on what’s in the heart. Knowing of the light within and it’s potential to shine brighter I obtained a new sense of clarity with each series of paintings. The biomorphic ornamentation displayed in each painting is a reflection of the vibration and sound frequency within myself, and my style of lettering. There are many figures depicted throughout the paintings, through them there is a story to be told and there may be many interpretations of them, but note my focus is not to appropriate the color of my skin. For me the spectrum of color is a spectrum of light and with that light in mind, from the heart it will shine.

Photo Credit Mark Knight (ESMoA) 

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