Rick Carter's Cinematic Collages

Rick Carter is a two time Academy Award winning Production Designer for his work on Avatar and Lincoln. Rick Carter has been leading the Art Departments of films as historic as Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, Star Wars, and Cast Away

In his own words:

"Then there's also work that I've done on the movies, collages that I've done in relationship to how I start a movie, but it's all just about the process of visualizing. It's not so much a recreation, but a meditation on how I'm feeling at that moment and then what does that lead to that, maybe if it's a movie that someone else can relate to, and then as a world of actually create for a movie. For these other pieces that are art, they're really just what they are in the moment that I go from the beginning, middle and end. There's a real split in my artistic expression, both the personal side, which is the work that you see here that's people and then there's the backgrounds, the worlds of, that are all the movies that I've done with the various directors from Spielberg to Cameron, and Zemeckis and JJ Abrams."

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