ESMoA EXTENSION Experience 56: EDGE represents a significant milestone for ESMoA as it launches the ESMoA EXTENSION program, marking its first exhibit outside the art laboratory hub in Lawndale. The show will take place at Legacy West Media located at 609 South Anderson St. in Downtown Los Angeles, demonstrating the museum’s commitment to bringing art to communities. ESMoA aims to make art even more accessible and inclusive. This innovative exhibition is a collaborative effort with Legacy West Media.

EDGE was inspired by the resounding success of ESMoA Experience 11: SCRATCH in 2014. Jim Reid, the master printer at Gemini G.E.L., extended invitations to some of the outstanding graffiti artists from the SCRATCH show. The artists perpetuated a selection of their skills within a special BOX titled The ESMoA SCRATCH Print Edition. Simultaneously, the photography artist Jim McHugh seized the collaborative spirit at ESMoA as an opportunity to encapsulate the distinctiveness of their artistic expression in a fresh portrait cycle. The result of this joint endeavor is a captivating time capsule, magically unveiling a condensed perspective of Los Angeles’ creative output in the early 21st century.

In Experience 56: EDGE, ESMoA unveils this BOX, a limited edition of 55 with 9 different multi-color screen and lithograph prints, to a broader audience for the first time. In addition, the artists will illustrate how the inspirational force of graffiti has evolved over the past decade, with a multi-layered tapestry of works on display.

Curator: Dr. Bernhard Zuenkeler

The ESMoA SCRATCH Print Edition artists: Axis, Big Sleeps, Defer, Eyeone, Fishe, Gajin Fujita, Heaven, King Cre 8, Prime, and Jim McHugh

ESMoA EXTENSION Experience 56: EDGE artists: Aiseborn, Axis, Big Sleeps, Blosm, Defer, Eyeone, Fishe, Heaven, King Cre 8, Kopyeson, Jim McHugh, Petal, Prime, and more.

Curator Remarks: April 27, 2024 at 6pm 

Exhibition Grand Opening: February 27, 2024 from 5-8pm (Free Entry)

Exhibition Dates: 04/27/24 until 05/22/24 (By appointment only)

Venue: LWM | 609 South Anderson Street, Los Angeles, CA 90023

Gallery Hours: By appointment

Curation: Bernhard Zuenkeler

Exhibition Production: ESMoA x Legacy West Media

Partners: The Container Yard, Sierra Nevada, Drink Dezo, Excel Image Group, The American Hotel, Legacy West Media

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