City of Dreams: A Portrait of Los Angeles

Featuring: Jose Reza "Prime K2S", Jim McHugh, & David Cavazos "Big Sleeps"

Curated by: Steven Graham

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“City of Dreams: A Portrait of Los Angeles” is a collaborative exhibition by three Los Angeles born artists: contemporary painter Jose Reza also known as Prime K2S, photographer Jim McHugh, and painter David Velasquez also known as Big Sleeps. This unique collaboration explores the different sides of Los Angeles and their symbolic intersection. Los Angeles, is a city with residents who don’t all walk the red carpet. It is a city that changes from avenue to avenue, from the historic Hollywood bowl, the beaches of Malibu, to the urban landscapes of the Pico Union neighborhood. The importance of this exhibition is that it portrays three artists and how they leave their mark, not on the walk of fame of Hollywood Boulevard, but through architectural imagery, lettering indigenous only to these neighborhoods, and canvas. The experience of being raised blocks away, but stories that are miles apart is fitting for a city that has created films that transplant audiences to new worlds all from their theater’s seat.